Global Clinical Supply Services

We help clients proactively solve potential product packaging, labelling and release process problems and efficiently navigate challenging local import and export regulations. As a result, GRC’s global clinical supply team helps clients maximise efficiency and ensure on-site delivery of investigational products and supplies

Our team provides complete management of medical and pharmaceutical supplies through our  distribution centres or International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH)- and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-certified contract warehouses on behalf of our clients, including an in-house secondary packaging and labelling services.

clinical supply services

Full Range of Clinical Supply Services

With extensively trained local resources in North America; Europe, the Middle East, Africa (EMEA); and Asia Pacific, GCR offers a full range of services to manage the clinical supply life cycle. These services are integrated in GCR’s clinical services and accomplished through extensive communication and common global procedures.

  • Lifecycle management
    • Single point of contact for all clinical supply management matters from bulk forecasting through reconciliation and destruction
    • Product forecasting and planning
    • Third-party packaging and labelling vendor management
  • Global procurement and storage
    • Purchasing commercial and ancillary products
    • Temperature-controlled warehouses
    • Refrigeration and freezer storage (down to -85 degrees Celsius)
    • Controlled environmental chambers
  • Secondary packaging and labelling in EMEA
    • Packaging and labelling of investigational products, medical devices, commercial comparators and ancillary products in our state-of-the-art facility
    • In-house clinical label printing
  • Distribution
    • Global distribution
    • Ambient, controlled room temperature, frozen and refrigerated shipping conditions
    • Import/export coordination
    • Assistance with import/export licensing
    • Expiry date extension re-labelling at distribution centre and at the site
  • Drug accountability and destruction
    • Organisation of returns with our approved courier companies
    • Reconciliation of returned products to the client’s specifications
    • Disposal as per client’s wishes

Detailed Processes Ensure Quality

Quality is a critical component of successful supply chain strategies.

  • Detailed processes and defined process maps
  • Extensive global standard operating procedures (SOPs) and working practice documents (WPDs), ensuring global compliance and harmonisation
  • Qualified persons (QPs) experienced and trained in the European Union (EU) QP requirements