Laboratories Functional Service Partnerships

GCR Laboratories was the first CRO to offer alternative resource solutions to address the staffing challenges brought on by the evolution of our clients’ pharmaceutical development needs.

Our 20 years of FSP (functional service partnerships) experience has shown us that one size does not fit all. We create solutions to fit the particular needs of each project — from individual contributors for point-of-need situations to entire technical teams with our management structure.

lab fsp

Our nontraditional lab personnel are full-time employees (FTEs) of GCR Laboratories, not temporary/contract hires. This approach ensures consistency through the course of your program, reduces turnover and increases staff commitment to delivering quality results.

In addition, using FTEs eliminates issues associated with temporary staffing limitations. For comprehensive FSP solutions that create either a satellite or dedicated lab/team, we provide personnel oversight, employee training/development and day-to-day team management designed to maintain our industry-leading reputation for high-quality data and regulatory compliance.