Medical Communications

Our medical communications team is your global partner for providing accurate medical information with a focus on compliance and delivering best-in-class customer experience.

With manyyears of experience, our multidisciplinary team of highly trained and experienced health care professionals includes nurses, pharmacists, life science graduates and support staff.

medical communications

Global Scalability and Local Expertise

Our 10 global contact centres provide comprehensive services that can be customised and integrated for a seamless full-service solution or provided on a stand-alone basis to meet your specific needs. These services include:

  • Medical information inquiry management
  • Adverse event and product quality complaint management
  • Marketing program support
  • Patient adherence
  • Clinical trial support
  • Product recall and crisis management
  • Technology suite and innovative tools

Clinical Trial Support Services

We deliver a seamless clinical trials experience while reducing the burden on sites. We provide a dependable source of information and support for patients, sites and caregivers. These benefits include:

  • Expedited enrolment
  • Increased retention and less patient dropout
  • Alignment of potential investigators and sites
  • Customer insights and data