Pharmaceutical Expertise

GCR has the resources to conduct global clinical trials. We bring operational excellence, scientific expertise and innovative technologies to create customised solutions that meet each client’s needs.

We understand that our clients continue to face decreasing R&D productivity and rising drug development costs. Our full range of drug development services is aimed at finding innovative, more efficient ways to bring new therapies to market.

Clients value our history of conducting drug development programs. We value the trust our clients place in us.

We are committed to building strong client partnerships and to designing, planning and implementing high-quality programs that help each client reach key milestones on time and on budget.

Pharmaceutical Expertise

Integrated Solutions

Vaccine program development requires a partner that understands the unique complexities presented by this important area of research.

Close collaboration between the specialised lab and the clinical research team is critical to ensure that sample processing, tracking and data reporting are well-coordinated to successfully complete vaccines studies.

GCR provides integrated clinical and laboratory vaccine expertise and global resources to advance our clients’ vaccine programs. Our robust end-to-end development solutions include:

  • GCR Laboratories’ dedicated vaccine sciences lab for specialised vaccine assays
  • GCR Laboratories’ GMP, bioanalytical and central labs for vaccine product and safety testing
  • GCR clinical development with more than 190 vaccine studies in the past five years
  • Partnerships with global site networks, including leading subject and site recruitment organisations Radiant Research and Acurian
  • Integrated technology infrastructure to drive efficiency and quality