Technology In Endocrine / Metabolic’s

We combine the latest technologies with streamlined processes to continually provide innovative solutions for our clients’ needs.

GCR is committed to providing this added value to enhance data-driven decision-making, including:

Technology In Endocrine Metabolic
  • For clients who partner with GCR for both clinical trial management and central lab services, we offer a proprietary, automated platform that integrates patient and central laboratory data in real time
  • Our CTMS (clinical trial management system) provides streamlined, accurate process data collection for more proactive trials management
  • Integration of interactive voice response system (IVRS) data into clinical database
  • Technical and operational hosting of clinical events adjudication
  • Aggregate review for safety surveillance from medically trained individuals
  • Integrated targeted monitoring
  • Quality risk management (QRM) tools and dedicated staff services, including a customised, industry-leading analytics tool providing a comprehensive integrated overview