Vaccine Development Expertise

Delivering new vaccines to patients who need them requires a partner who understands the unique complexities presented by this important area of research.

GCR provides integrated clinical and laboratory vaccine expertise and global resources to advance our clients’ vaccine programs.

vaccine development expertise

Clinical Vaccine Expertise

Our global clinical experience with clients of all sizes allows us to offer full-service capabilities and distinctive expertise across a wide spectrum of vaccine programs.

  • Early-phase vaccine development in normal healthy volunteers with safety and immunogenicity endpoints
  • Late-stage, field-efficacy studies in selected geographies and targeted populations
  • Rapid site identification and capacity to support large field-efficacy vaccine trials
  • Broad experience with cold-chain management and unique logistics of vaccine studies
  • Distinct quality control for serology specimens, including storage facilities with back-to-base centralised alarm systems to protect serum integrity

Our vast global footprint enables rapid deployment of teams to support the staffing needs of vaccine studies, including separate unblinded teams.

Vaccine Sciences Lab

GCR Laboratories vaccine sciences lab offers custom assay development, clinical testing and submission support services for new, modified and existing vaccines.

Our industry-leading capabilities ensure development of innovative analytical methods and accurate, high-quality test results.

Access Special Subject Populations

GCR’ s access to global populations, coupled with our ability to run large vaccine trials, enables us to offer well-designed study plans to meet the challenges of recruiting these defined populations. GCR has experience across many target populations, including:

  • Paediatric
  • Adolescent
  • Elderly
  • Healthy normal population from disease-endemic areas with or without prior disease exposure history

For paediatric studies, we have a specialised approach for conducting assent discussions, developing appropriate literature, and educating parents and guardians to overcome possible barriers to enrolment. Our cross-functional paediatric practice area offers strategic guidance to paediatric investigational plans (PIP) and individual studies required for vaccine development.